"This is totally an Instagram type of place," Tighe Flatley, who escorted us to Abbot's Cellar, a new Valencia Street restaurant slanted toward a beer-drinking crowd, exclaimed when we arrived. He meant that in the kindest way possible. Abbot's is shocking gorgeous, what with its actual barn wood used to cover the floors along with slates of horizontal wooden beams across the wall to offset the high ceilings. They also have a beer bottle-shaped sink. (Who doesn't enjoy a good slab of whimsy?) Perfect for the photographing-food sect. And everyone in between.

More to the point, though, Abbot's (brought to you by the same folks at Monk's Kettle) features a wide array of craft beers. That's their thing, their standout. (Last night's tasting involved beer pairings with light bites by chef Adam Dulye.) They tell us their official opening is next Wednesday; however, according to Grub, a soft opening could come as early as this weekend.

Abbot's Cellar: 462 Valencia (at 19th Street), S.F.