After KRON4's Stanley Roberts blew the lid off this whole Cyclists Behaving Badly thing earlier this week, the golden-voice newsman was hit with a wave of backlash for his lopsided investigation in to cyclists blowing stop signs along the Wiggle. Roberts, however, is not one to take the criticism lying down. Roberts and his crew returned to the popular bike route to milk out another two minutes of footage taunting his two-wheeled haters.

According to Roberts, the cyclists he busted earlier deserve scorn for their bad behavior, as well as their whining about unfair treatment. As he says, annoyingly, "What is this? The fifth grade?" The twitter comments he received and "anti-bike" accusations from our friends over at Uptown Almanac are just more fodder in his Bay-wide crusade against bad behavior.

And the list of offenses doesn't stop at the intersections: headphone-wearing bikers are just asking for tickets as well. Even those who signal before rolling a right-turn stop sign are inexcusable in front of KRON4's camera crews.

Sadly, Roberts' equally lopsided follow-up piece does nothing to address the bad behavior of the drivers in the Lower Haight. As several SFist commenters noted earlier this week, more than one driver can be spotted pulling a California Roll in KRON4's own footage. Those shots, we guess, just don't play so well on the local news.

Roberts does have a history of documenting bad behavior amongst the internal combustion set as well. Recall that one time he captured this delightfully sassy guy in an Elmo shirt while filming local law enforcement handing out tickets for moving violations.

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