Hey, you know what might be a great day in which to ride one's bike to work? Monday. Because several groups will try to disrupt Muni service that day. According to SF Examiner, groups will protest over "an attack on organized labor, policies of racial discrimination by city agencies such as the Police Department and Muni, and the one-year anniversary of the death of Kenneth Harding."

SF Weekly has more:

A random group called the Humanists for Revolutionary Socialism, is backing Monday's protest, dubbed "Kenneth Harding Jr. Transit Shut Down Day" and blames Muni's policies for Harding's death.

"Kenneth was killed by the S.F. police to protect Muni bosses' 'savings' on the backs of the workers," the group says on its website. "This greed takes the form of attacks on the Muni workers and compromising safety which endangers Muni riders as well as the union drivers."


Third Street and Palou Avenue in the Bayview will be ground zero on Monday. The T Third Street, 54 Felton, 44 O'Shaughnessy, 24 Divisadero, and 23 Monterey all pass through that intersection. Please be advised.