A fire broke out in a home in San Bruno this morning around 8:45 a.m. It only got to two alarms and was contained in about fifteen minutes, however one woman remains in critical condition in the hospital as a result of the fire, and a two-year-old boy is dead.

Approximately eight relatives were in the house on Lake Drive in San Bruno, and the cause of the fire, according to the Chron, was a religious candle that toppled over in a hallway. The house is owned by a couple in their 60s who have not been identified, and they are longtime residents of this cul de sac. The boy who died was their grandchild.

The grandmother and grandfather were also injured, with the grandmother trapped by the fire with the boy in a back bedroom, where both suffered smoke inhalation. She was revived but was also hospitalized. The San Mateo County Times also says that a 20-year-old woman suffered "major" injuries, but that is not mentioned in the Chron's report. The grandfather was also hospitalized with burns.

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