Area kook Elisabeth Thieriot, who describes herself in a press release as "a San Francisco-based business woman, co-founder of PhoneCharge, Inc., [?] philanthropist and author of Be Fabulous at Any Age" just threw a party in celebration of a documentary she appears to have funded called Decoding B’aqtun, which "does not yet have a debut date." The film sounds like part documentary, part self-help, having to do with using Mayan prophecies to improve your quality of life. And while Thieriot does not seem to think the world will end this December (she's hoping, instead, that her film will come out by then), she did invite a "Mayan spiritual leader" for a Marin-style cocktail fete at her home.

Apolinario Chile Pixtun is the Head Elder of the Mayan Council and an alleged spiritual guide. Because he "carries the wisdom of his Mayan ancestors and passes it on to generations," he has apparently parlayed that into a lucrative career of traveling the world to speak about the Mayan calendar, and attend cocktail parties.

Thieriot's home in Tiburon is called Lions Gate, kind of like the former film studio, so perhaps she has long fancied herself a movie producer. In any event, Pixtun sounds like a con artist, and we wish poor Thieriot would just give to charity or something like a normal rich person.

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