More details are emerging about the June 4 shooting death of alleged pimp Calvin Sneed of Compton. Originally, the only two suspects were Lupe Mercado, 37, and Barry Gilton, 38, who have been a couple since high school and whose 17-year-old daughter was at the center of this drama. On Wednesday, one month after the shooting, SF police arrested Antonio Gilton and Alfonso Williams in connection with the murder. Both pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and weapons charges.

It appears that while the parents of the girl may have conspired in Sneed's murder, authorities are now fingering Gilton and Williams for helping drive the vehicle out of which the shooting took place. The DA's office now says Barry Gilton was the trigger man, but that he met up with his cousin and Antonio and Williams on the morning of June 4, and together the three of them drove up alongside Sneed to fire the fatal shots.

Mercado and Barry Gilton were also thought to have been in Los Angeles the week before the shooting making their first attempt on Sneed's life, which he survived, but it's unclear if that might have been a hired hit.

All four suspects have pleaded not guilty.


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