This contributor attended our first Underground Market event last night, which had a predictably huge turnout. Fortunately, since the crowd filled the place quickly, we arrived on the early side and were able to peruse the exceptional offerings, all of which were $5 or less (portion sizes were rather small to reflect this price). The market was a fundraiser for forageSF's new Forage Kitchen, which was successful — they had reached their goal of $150,000 during the event.

Side note: We feel the need to preface this review by noting the fact that we're a frugal type of gal with an appreciation for good, organic/sustainable food; but most of the time we'd rather spend our disposable income on lattes, sparkling wine (or whiskey, depending on our mood), and sushi — in a sit-down restaurant. We tend to just cook at home using quality ingredients from the Civic Center farmers market. Therefore, the few times we have dropped $10 on food-truck or pop-up fare, we left hungry... and disappointed. That said, loads of folks out there don't seem to mind standing in line and paying more for smaller portions of these quality, artisanal, local goods, so, yeah, we'll leave it at that.

Early on, about 80% of the attendees at last night's event were all in line for the Homeroom Mac 'n' Cheese, which was being offered in Classic and Gilroy Garlic varieties. We tried the classic after downing some delicious sausage from Boucherie Artisanal Meats. Our companion got the pulled pork from Boucherie, which was also tasty.

Jablow's Meats were also at the event, and the pastrami looked delectable, as did Mission Cheese's offerings. The Grilled Cheez Guy was outside serving shots of soup with his yummy grilled cheese. We were bummed that we had already spent our budget before we made it out there, but the sample we tasted didn't disappoint. (Our companion was glad she took one of her lactose intolerance pills.)

Stay tuned for future Underground Markets and keep up to date on the progress of Forage Kitchen over at forageSF. Additionally, see photos from the first Underground Market back in 2010.