After a staggering 40 years in the business of getting locals properly lit, Noe Valley's O'Greenbergs has been sold. Owner Richard Greenberg has decided that, at the age of 80, it's high time to sell the joint. "I’m 80 years old. I think it’s about time I got out of it,' Greenberg tells Inside Scoop. "I’ll miss it, but like everything, you move on."

But don't fret, O'Greenbergs fans, for it probably won't close its doors. In fact, it could keep the same vibe. "[T]he three folks who have bought it — he describes them as Gino & Carlo vets and ex-cops — are planning to keep the name," Greenberg explains.

As for what the place is like? Let's see what Yelp has to say. Ahem: Andrew L. notes, "NFL Sunday Ticket, free hotdogs, and a clientele that is just the right amount of rowdy. This is my favorite spot to watch Sunday football. Drinks aren't super cheap, but they pour them strong," adding, "If you wanna be wasted at noon, no one here will look at you funny." And Ms. T says, "Decent. Cold beer, locals, flat screens throughout, pool table/darts/juke box. Best for early drinks and watching a game with friends. +Points... not a hipster in sight."

O'Greenbergs: 1600 Dolores (at 29th Street), S.F.