A woman whom authorities say was killed by her longtime live-in boyfriend in Orinda on Tuesday afternoon has been identified as Evangeline Cumbe Devera, 56. Boyfriend James Collin, 62, who lived with Devera for ten years, apparently confessed to the crime according to Orinda police, who arrived at the scene shortly after noon Tuesday. Collin had gone to a neighbor's house and told them to call police and report that Devera was dead.

According to police, Collin then made "spontaneous statements" to the effect that he killed Devera, and police took him into custody on suspicion of murder. They also immediately recovered the weapon from the home, which was a machete. Devera was killed by both blunt-force trauma and "sharp-force injury." According to the AP, Collin also told police that "he had a reason to kill the woman."

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