During today's keynote speech at Google's I/O Conference, co-founder and tech industry heartthrob Sergey Brin one-upped every tech CEO ever with a publicity stunt/technology demo/Super Bowl-caliber viral commercial for his company's futuristic Project Glass spectacles. The demo began in an airplane somewhere high above San Francisco, where a team of skydivers broadcast their parachute jump on to the roof of the Moscone Center West, giving the audience below a live view from their perspective.

From there it was a big show with some rooftop bike stunts and climbers rappelling down the Fourth Street side of the conference center, finally ending with a couple more stuntmen riding bikes through the exhibition hall to deliver a package to Brin onstage. Observe:

Apparently the Goog' also unveiled their first house-made Android tablet today, which is significantly less exciting than watching extreme sports. Those Project Glass goggles, by the way, will be available as a prototype next year for a whopping $1,500.