This 22-year-old man went missing recently, or so says his mom. According to his mother, Deborah Berlingeri, who posted an urgent plea asking for her son's whereabouts via Facebook, he was last seen in the Mission on June 19th. She alleges that he met someone via a social media app prior to vanishing, writing:

This is my son, Evan Flanary, 22, 6ft 1, 160 lbs, blonde/blue wearing blue jeans and gray hoody. Last seen on foot in the Mission district [o]n San Francisco on June 19 2012 meeting a stranger from a social phone app contact.

This is not like him to disappear. He has no money and his phone has died.

Anyone with information should contact the San Francisco Police Missing Persons Department or their local Police Dept. Share this website on Facebook or retweet on Twitter if you can assist. Your assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you.

She also created to help her find her boy. Berlingeri has also since filed a missing person's report with the police. She notes, "Officer Garcia said 'Do you have any idea how many missing person reports we took today?' " Scary.

Hope he's OK and contacts his mother soon.