While it's not quite as big as the iPad that led to the meth bust of the century down in San Jose, cops serving a search warrant for a stolen iPhone yesterday entered a home to find a cache of illegal weapons, more stolen electronics and a 100-plant strong illegal marijuana grow operation.

The suspect, who mugged a woman at gunpoint on MacArthur Boulevard last Thursday, was found in the home on Aileen Street near Adeline when the cops arrived looking for the stolen iPhone/homing beacon. Oakland PD's search of the home turned up an AR-16 with a shortened barrel and warzone-ready 100-round drum magazine, a knockoff Uzi, a couple of pistols and laser sights, as well as those 100 marijuana plants and ready-to-sell bud.

In addition to the iPhone that got away, the suspect had been hoarding more stolen laptops, cellphones and iPads. The biggest win for Oakland PD, however, were those high-capacity magazines, which OPD spokeswoman Joanna Watson seemed pretty proud to be removing from the streets of the East Bay. The suspect was immediately arrested and — surprise — OPD says he has "a very lengthy criminal history."

Oakland Police believe the evidence they found yesterday could help them close several other cases, so there's an upside to those iPhone privacy fears, at lease.

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