Wonderment Consortium, who describe themselves as "An Oakland Based Arts Collective Concerned With Uplifting Oakland Public High School Students Everywhere," have started a Kickstarter campaign that pokes a little fun at the types of projects Kickstarter attracts. The group is raising funds for its "public art project," which consists of erecting a Tom Hanks statue — specifically his character from Castaway — in front of Oakland Technical High School, which will boost the morale of "thousands of high school students everywhere."

The group points out that Tom Hanks is an Oakland native, which makes him the perfect motivational tool for Oakland students. The project, which expires at Midnight on July 21, has reached $1,349 of its $10,000 goal, and the organizers are offering rewards such as "a personalized positive energetic mental communication" to their backers.

Do it for the children, won't you?