Followers of the Ross Mirkarimi domestic abuse saga will be familiar with the name Ivory Madison — the neighbor who consoled Mirkarimi's wife Eliana Lopez after the New Year's Eve incident that spurred this whole mess. Both Mirkarimi and Lopez have since given fairly similar accounts of what happened that day, involving a quick arm grab after an argument in the car. In a new, 22-page declaration presented to the Ethics Commission, Madison tells a different story of what she heard outside the building, and what Lopez told her the day they shot that video.

Also, Madison insists Lopez never came to her as a lawyer, but only as a friend. Her account of what Lopez relayed to her on New Year's Day: “During that time she said that Ross repeatedly grabbed, pulled and pushed her violently. Specifically, she said he slammed her against a wall while grabbing her arm and refused to let go."

Now, technically this is hearsay evidence, however the Ethics Commission has agreed to hear some hearsay evidence in this case, which is not technically a trial but is certainly being treated as one. We'll just say that we've never understood how Madison had anything to gain politically from involving herself in this drama, and it seems like she has likely been motivated by a feeling of obligation to help Lopez, despite Lopez having long since denounced her and her meddling.

Mirkarimi's hearing before the Ethics Commission begins today with opening statements and perhaps some witness testimony. (Meanwhile Lopez remains in Venezuela, where she's been since March.) It will be several months before a final decision gets made by the Board of Supervisors on Mirkarimi's fate. Stay tuned for more.


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