Barah's Market, one of two Tenderloin corner stores known as a good place to score some illegal drugs and ordered by the City Attorney to clean up their act, has apparently ignored the city's injunction and continues to go on allowing illicit behavior at Turk and Leavenworth. Neighborhood documentarian MJ, who previously chronicled the druggy goings-on at Barah's, notes in her latest video that little has changed in the three months since the City Attorney got his ruling.

In this latest jazzy, Ken Burns-y piece, MJ once again braves Turk Street to photograph the alleged drug dealers selling heroin, oxycontin and crack cocaine outside of Barah's. While the City Attorney allowed Barah's to stay open during the injunction (unlike Razan Deli, which was forced to close for a year), the corner store was ordered to hire security to keep the illegal activity out of the shop. According to MJ, however, these characters loitering around the liquor store have been carrying on unmolested by the police — rent-a-cops or otherwise.

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[Hat tip: Bluoz]