Over the weekend, San Francisco hosted the annual World Naked Bike Ride. And naked it was, with private bits and pieces flopping about to and fro. But the ride is, it seems, more than showing off one's penis or vagina. According to World Naked Bike Ride, it's about the environment, oil, and all that jazz. Check it:

"To ride naked through our major city thoroughfares, expressways, downtown streets, boulevards, parkways, driveways, avenues, ways, lanes, alleys, drives and roads to draw attention to our worldwide issues and failures wrought upon our planet by the dependency on foreign oil supplies, the environmental & economic hardship that results from this monopoly of the oil cartel and the slow response of the automotive and transportation industries to provide more efficient and alternative sources of moving people and goods about."

So, before you think about our planet's worrisome dependency on foreign oil, feast your eyes on these fleshy beauties. Enjoy!