Oliver Stone dropped in to Current TV's studios to rap about his new movie Savages with anti-Sacramento Lite Gov Gavin Newsom last week. The film is a new piece of "hypothetical fiction" about two California pot growers who have a run-in with a Mexican drug cartel after their shared girlfriend is kidnapped. Weirdly, Gavin wasn't interested in the love triangle element of the movie, so his conversation with the JFK director turned toward California's amazing medical marijuana crops, which prompted Stone to admit: "...we have the best weed in the world, 'cause I'm telling you that from my own experience."

Here's Stone, who starts talking weed pretty much right off the bat:

Unlike Gavin, we're dying to know how this love triangle between Friday Night Lights' Tim Riggins, Blake "sideboob" Lively and some guy from that 90210 reboot plays out. According to Stone, they "fight back" against the cartel, so we imagine Tim Riggins will be shooting someone in the face. Also: there's a chance Blake Lively's smokey voice gets murdered!

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