Epic Roasthouse wine director Petra Polakovicova will pour several awarding-winning pinots, including Freeman Winery, Flowers, Calera, Cobb, Miura, Kutch, Goldeneye, and Freestone, just to name a few, as part of the waterfront restaurant's fourth annual High on the Hog. Oh, and as the title denotes, there will be pig. Lots of it.

Executive Chef Jan Birnbaum's menu will boast the following porky delights: slow roasted fennel porchetta, maple roasted pork legs, roasted manila clams with pork jowl (mmm!) and white beans, molasses honey roasted pork ribs, and homemade maple ice cream cones with bacon brittle. It's all part of a big outside dining/party brouhaha, one that will feature live music by Joey Altman and the Soul Peppers. (For those not in the know, Altman is a noted chef in his own right, most recently manning the new menu at Pier 23.)

It all goes down (your throat) on Saturday, June 30th from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. at Epic Roasthouse (369 The Embarcadero South, between Folsom and Harrison), $75 per person.