Oh, brother. Daniel Frank, 21, of Santa Clara (surprise!) faces big-time adult charges after allegedly going on a brutal rampage during last weekend's Bay to Breakers race. While reportedly tripping on LSD, police claim that, among other things, Frank ripped out a female participant's hair, attacked other participants during the race, threw a woman to the ground and assaulted good Samaritan's trying to intervene, spat at a cop, and tore off a police officer’s badge while resisting arrest.

SF Examiner has more: "Wearing a tie-dyed shirt and aqua-blue bicycle shorts, Frank was in rare form about 12:30 p.m. Sunday, authorities said. He was allegedly exposing his private parts and attacking people at random on John F. Kennedy Drive."


Frank appeared in court on Wednesday and pled not guilty to six felonies and three misdemeanors. Meanwhile, police are still looking for a group of people who punched a man and left him unconscious. SF Examiner pulps, "An argument between the two groups ensued, and a man from the second group snuck up on the victim and punched him...The victim struck his head as he hit the ground and lost consciousness. He has yet to wake up."