A feminist, anarchist group from Los Angeles has posted a YouTube video titled "Scenes from a Black Bloc documenting protesters during the pre-May Day demonstrations that left the neighborhood trashed on April 30th. It's unclear whether this video was intended as editorial or to take credit for the actions of the black-masked demonstrators at its focus, but it does nothing to condemn the aggressive actions taken against local businesses that caused over $150,000 in damages.

Mission Local points out that the group Anarcha-LA posted the video back on May 7th and identifies itself as "a group of anarchists, feminists, and non-gender conforming individuals," who "work towards building an egalitarian world free of patriarchy, capitalism, and all forms oppression and hierarchy through creative direct action, study groups, collaborative publications, and community outreach."

If anything, the video appears to be taking the side of the masked demonstrators. At about the seven minute mark someone trying to confront the protesters is threatened and cursed at by the protesters seen smashing out windows all along Valencia. As Uptown Almanac is quick to note, we've seen on-the-spot videos like this from recent demonstrations before, but this is the first where a group appears to be claiming to be part of the group responsible for the damage.

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