After closing 23 cents above its record-breaking IPO price of $38 on Friday, Facebook's stock dipped 11 to 13 percent to $33.87, at least as of early this morning. Patience will most likely prevail and the stock will grow over time. Naturally. But that didn't stop the heaps of schadenfreudian headlines and articles posted today. "Facebook stock plummets on second day of trading," screams San Jose Mercury News' headline. While Bloomberg made it sound like company CEO Mark Zuckerberg could be spare-changin' outside of Tu Lan, saying, "Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune dropped $2.2 billion as shares of Facebook Inc. (FB), the world’s largest social-networking company, fell below the company’s $38 offer price in its second day of trading."

SFGate's The Tech Chronicles get punalicious, noting, "Investors appear to be 'unliking' Facebook stock on the tech giant’s second day of trading on the market," going on to add, "Critics contend Facebook doesn’t generate enough revenue to justify being worth that much money."

All of the articles, however, mention that neither Facebook nor newly married Zuckerberg have nothing to worry about in the short term. Facebook has "more than 901 million monthly users worldwide and about 3,500 employees" and this morning's dip doesn't signify the company's long-term success. Which is to say, you can breath a sign of relief, plebeians. Mark and company are still and will forever be more wealthy than you.