Social psychologist and morality expert Jonathan Haidt recently gave a talk before the American Enterprise Institute during which he was asked by writer and gay rights activist Jonathan Rauch how attitudes towards same-sex marriage, particularly in America in recent years, could have changed so quickly. His response, to put it in universal terms that anyone who has dined out in the past 15 years should be able to understand, was: "Sushi is the gay marriage of food."

The argument here is that your grandparents probably wretched at the idea of consuming raw fish. As sushi became a more and more visible dining trend, skeptics eventually warmed up to it and the ick-factor subsided. And now everyone thinks sushi is god's gift to picky eaters. Anyhow, here's Haidt:

Unfortunately, some of us still have elderly relatives who like to say inappropriate things about people who enjoy sushi. If you know what we mean.

(Hat tip to The Awl, who points out that this must mean Will & Grace is a California Roll.)