On Tuesday, a promising new social media thingamajig will go live in San Francisco, one that set you and several of your followers or friends up on a date. It's called Grouper and it works like this: Grouper is an invite-only social club pairing up two groups of three friends (3 guys and 3 girls, or 3 guys and 3 guys, etc.) from Facebook, and sets them up for drinks at a venue around the city. They use a criteria of age, sexual orientation, educational background, and careers to screen potential matches, and the pairing can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to configure. Furthermore, you should totally do this! Summer is coming and you could use more friends. And maybe even a lover.

Founded by Yalie Michael Waxman in June 2011, Waxman came across the idea after moving to a new city where he had no friends. As far as the two groups of threes, Waxman explains, We’ve realized three is some sort of magical number...It facilitates a cool dynamic where you can either talk in pairs of two, talk as a group, or talk just with friends."

And here's all you need to do: Users sign up to join the club at joingrouper.com, which is free. Once you and your match confirm a date, you each grab two friends to come along for the outing. The cost for the date is $20 per person, but that's only so the first round of drinks is paid for. And then, after the first round of drinks have been swilled, it’s up to you whether or not to have a second round, exchange digits, or call it a night because you're just not interested.

Isn't it time you finally used some of your online contacts to get new friends? Yes. Yes, it is. Do it.