Alamo Square neighbors tired of tour guides on loudspeakers, exhaust fumes from idling buses and people setting up cardboard cutouts of the Full House cast in front of their homes have apparently had it with the obnoxious people movers rolling through the neighborhood. Since previous efforts to to block or even charge tour companies for parking near the postcard vista fell through, Alamo Square neighbors have taken it upon themselves to curb the nuisance in the best way they know how: by publicly shaming them on Facebook, obviously.

In addition to generally mucking up the impeccable (ahem) on-time record of the 21-Hayes, tour companies shuttling the camera-toting masses to the top of Alamo Square have already been spotted hogging Muni stops, idling in blind spots at the top of the hill and generally blocking traffic for everyone.

Besides being a consistent source of amusement for those of us who actually enjoy laughing at the comical parade of double-decker, hop-on/hop-off riders, the tourist draw in the neighborhood isn't all bad: At least one Painted Lady owner, who purchased their home
in 1993 around the middle of the Full House era, stands to make four times what they paid for their Steiner Street home, assuming it fetches the nearly $2.3 million asking price.

Tour Buses Behaving Badly
Hat tip: Haighteration