Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson may not be quite the academic he professed to be. The excitedly-punctuated Sunnyvale company admitted today that, just four months into Thompson's tenure, their CEO's resume listed a degree in Computer Science that the executive never received during his time as an undergrad at Stonehill College.

At least one Yahoo investor, Daniel Loeb, whose hedge fund owns 5.8% of the company, is calling him out for the resume padding. Thompson, who graduated from the tiny Massachusetts school in 1979, does in fact hold an accounting degree from Stonehill; however, somewhere in the past five years, the fictitious CS degree started showing up on his resume. Curiously, no one at Yahoo caught the error when he was hired from his previous gig as president of PayPal. Now some leading tech gossips are calling for his resignation.

Loeb has accused Thompson of misleading Yahoo's board at a time when the web portal desperately needed someone to turn the ship around. Yahoo, on the other hand, is defending their new chief exec and calling the resume blunder an "inadvertent error," pointing out that Thompson still has the accounting chops to put Yahoo back on track.

During his first four months as Yahoo's chief, Thompson laid off about 2,000 employees — that unfortunate set of job losses lead to the company's first increase in year-over-year net revenues since 2008.