Drunken hordes descend on North Beach every weekend, but they're not all recently graduated frat boys and brogrammers from the Marina tripping their way down Broadway from Polk Street. A lot of them arrive via bus! Chartered party buses, that is, from faraway lands called Modesto and Watsonville. And now, club owners, like the guys at upscale(ish) Monroe (473 Broadway) are trying to get rid of the ugly element that arrives aboard those buses, usually already drunk from all the drinking they've been doing during the trip, and sometimes looking for a fight.

KTVU reports on this crisis of bridge-and-tunnelers and what some club owners are trying to do about it.

Now, there was talk a while back about a statewide crackdown on underage drinking aboard these rolling shitshow transporters, but obviously those over 21 who would like to take trips to the big city with their BFFs and buds are free to throw back as many Jager shots as they please before arriving on our doorstep. Let's just be glad that this is mostly a North Beach problem for now. Mostly.