Following Monday night's splinter group mini-riot that befell parts of the Mission (most notably on Valencia Street), Wells Fargo donated a whopping $25,000 to aid the more than 20 small businesses that protesters vandalized in the neighborhood. If you recall, members at a gathering in Dolores Park spilled down into the Mission, smashing car and restaurant windows, spray painting, and generally causing all sorts of terror. And, in a very clever move, Wells Fargo decided to help them out.

The bank's donation will be managed by the Valencia Corridor Merchants Association and the Lower 24th Street Merchants and Neighbors Association, reports KTVU.

"As San Francisco's hometown bank, Wells Fargo is passionate about supporting the communities where we live and work, and it's important to help our local merchants make the repairs they need to reopen for business," Michael Billeci, president of the bank's San Francisco Bay region, said in a statement.

Showing that San Francisco is never one to pass on poor taste, the Department of Public Works had the unmitigated gall to send one of the vandalized stores in question a warning letter asking them to clean up or else. According to Mission Local, Weston Wear Store received the notice. It read something to the effect of: "Business owners must remove graffiti within 30 days of receiving a letter from DPW or risk a $500 fine, per the city’s 2004 graffiti removal ordinance. The department does this to every tagged residence and business it comes across."

Gross. Weston Wear commented on the DPW's gaffe thusly:

In related news, an estimated $6,000 has already been raised by concerned community citizens. If you would love to donate to these shops by adding any dollar amount to the pile, have at it. Please.

Update: The city will not fine Weston Wear and the citation has been removed!