We've been harsh on flashmobs in the past, but here's one we can finally get behind: A group calling themselves The Bay Area Drunkards Association sent out invites to local Yelp and Reddit message boards, calling for fellow minded people to come out to Golden Gate Park and get drunk in public while doing a little bit of community service to help clean up the aftermath of yesterday's stonerfest. From the Yelp event invite:

In light of the great havoc wrought by yesterday's festivities upon Golden Gate Park, one of our most precious San Franciscan treasures, we are hereby calling a Bay Area Drunkard's Association Meeting (BADAM).

Please join us today, Sat. 21st, 3pm by the park entrance at Haight and Stanyan to take a nature walk, pick up some trash, and imbibe some alcohol. Limited gloves, litter grabbers, and booze will be available, but please feel free to bring your own.

Or, the abbreviated too long; didn't read version: "Drunken civic responsibility flash mob tomorrow at haight and stanyan at 3 o'clock"

The same message was posted over at Reddit, which we can only hope means this thing actually has a decent turnout and that it sets off some kind of drunks vs. stoners class war. (A polite class war, though. Be nice.)

Anyhow, if anyone goes out to this, be sure to send photos.