"How is everyone celebrating #groundbreaking eve?" 49ers owner Jed York tweeted on Wednesday. Not the greatest move, especially for some San Francisco fans still reeling from their team's move down south. In addition to season ticket prices forcing some faithful fans out of the game, the move is yet another blow to the city's fading metropolitan image. Here are a few responses to York's excitement:

This one gets right to the point:

Here's a fan who, most likely, will get priced out of tickets:

Happy for the new digs, but not the move:

Here's a fan who evokes former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and all the fires of hell:

Donny doesn't want to see Candlestick go:

And finally, SFist's very own Daisy Barringer chimes in with a signature response. Behold:

To be fair, though, many fans are equally excited to see the team move down to Santa Clara. As someone stupid close to us once quipped, you can never have too many Wal-Marts or too much football. And with that, we congratulate you Santa Clara. But to San Francisco, we say this: Oh, how you've changed. What once was the Pacific Exchange is now a Crunch an Equinox. What once was the home to a championship sports team is now just a place to get food from a truck. What once was a sumptuous feast is figs. No—not even figs—raisins. You get the idea.

The new Santa Clara 49ers stadium officially breaks ground today.