Many older people who reside in the East Bay (and probably elsewhere) continue to believe that the Mission is nothing but a cesspit of crime and poverty, and that "white girls shouldn't be in the Mission." It's a fascinating and dated perspective that Mission Mission shares with us today, via two separate encounters with said old people by a white girl who's looking for an apartment in the Mission. But, we suppose, people do get stabbed there, but that's happening everywhere these days.

One landlord from a different neighborhood (who was obviously trying to sell her on his property) told her "The Mission isn’t for you. Maybe you’re tougher than you look, but, I don’t think you should live there." And then another lady who apparently hasn't set foot in the Mission since the mid-90s delivered the line about white girls, and said she avoids the neighborhood at all costs, even though her brother lives there.

She clearly does not know that twentysomething girls in the Mission think that shootings and stuff just make the neighborhood cooler.

[Mission Mission]

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