Hey there, Andrew Sullivan! How was your Easter? Festive? Good. Anyway, we understand that you have some issues with San Francisco's annual Hunky Jesus Contest in Dolores Park. Rightfully so. It can be long and a bit tired, but it's also quite scandalous and always fun. Funny how that works. Anyway, we simply had to share some of these (NSFW) 2012 images featuring naughty Jesuses. After all, the annual event is all done in the name of satire and, more importantly, sexiness. We hope that there's no further ill will. In fact, we hope that one day you decide to visit the Bay Area. (When we don't poke fun at sacred deities, we make some damn fine food.)

And who knows? Maybe one day we will finally have that Hunky Mohammed Contest on Ramadan. Hold on to your fatwas!

Until then,