The battle to save the Gold Dust Lounge still trudges on. Should it close down? Sure, say some. Should it stay open? Sure, if it further irks tender-bottomed lawyer Sam Singer. (We kid, Sammy!) But seriously, folks, whether or not the noted Union Square watering hole remains open, the increasingly exhausting brouhaha has, at the very least, sparked a new poem by local Poet Laureate Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Ahem:

Western culture, high and low, the gold dust of the ages, is disappearing down the drain of the electronic revolution. Save the Gold Dust!

- Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Brief, but... there you have it.

Back in 2001, as some of you may recall, Ferlinghetti fought a similar case in a (successful) effort save his renowned bookstore, City Lights. The bookstore beat (heh) eviction during the aesthetically icky dot-com heyday and garnered landmark status.