The long-awaited second outpost of upscale picnic goods supply shop Bi-Rite Market has been in the works on Divisadero for what seems like forever now. (Almost 2 years if we're bring sticklers with the calendar.) After snagging a liquor license nearly a year ago, the opening was delayed until January 2012. Obviously, that deadline blew by and now we have word that Divisadero residents hungry for a carefully curated selection of wines and cheeses will have to wait at least another seven months for the privilege.

According to Haighteration, even the timeline for opening in October could waver and "nothing's set in stone" just yet. According to our own hungry lunchtime wanderings around SFist's Western Branch Office on Divisadero, there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of work going on behind the plywood at 550 Divisadero. And we're not exactly holding our breath for October, because well... They don't even have a floor yet:


In the meantime, we'll be across the street stocking our picnic baskets with mounds of Popeye's Chicken.


Photo: Andrew Dalton/SFist