Longtime San Francisco Italian joint Little Joe's has failed to make a go of things on Market Street's troubled midsection. The former North Beach spot hopped around to 5th and Mission before taking over the ground floor of the Renoir Hotel at Market and Jones Streets a mere six months ago.

When the restaurant moved in down the block from where the Chronicle is still trying to make "Comfort Corner" a thing, their welcome wagon was a mass gang-related shooting on Pride Weekend's Pink Saturday. Sadly, as Little Joe's vacates the neighborhood, the block saw another violent crime after a brutal mugging put a 24-year-old victim in the hospital yesterday afternoon. The victim was treated for a broken jaw at S.F. General, but Police have not made any arrests or identified any suspects in yesterday's incident.

Despite the crime outside their doors, the Hotel Renoir will hold on to the Little Joe's liquor license, so there's still a chance something new will pop up in the space. Which reminds us: has anyone tried that strip-clubby place Fuel next door? What goes on in there? Scandalous things, we presume.