Before designer étonnant Jean-Paul Gaultier arrives in San Francisco next week to kick off the de Young Museum's Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, the man who made gay ghettos smell like corn syrup and mint will tackle his new gig as creative director of Diet Coke. Coca-cola's diet drink line has developed a strong cult following over the last few years, one that foams at the nostril over the can's iconic red and white design. (As you recall, Lady Gaga has taken to donning empty Diet Coke cans in her hair for videos and public appearances.) Bringing Gaultier aboard makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, his position will only affect Europe, where they call it "Coca Light." According to Mediabistro, "he’ll design a selection of cans and bottles (limited-edition, bien sur) as well as add his signature flair to online content, retail concepts, and ad campaigns."

In a written statement issued by the Coca-Cola company announcing the partnership, Gaultier said, "The bottles have the shape of a woman’s body, so it was great fun to 'dress' them ... The Diet Coke motif is so beautiful I had to design around this. The finishing touch was to apply my logo to the bottle, like applying a fragile stamp—making it something special you want to touch.”

Diet Coke released three videos featuring Gaultier’s adventures as 'The Serial Designer," all of which involve a Marilyn Monroe-sounding marionette doll, censored nudity, and Gaultier as a wacky psychologist. Naturally.