A spat over a kitchen light turned into a harrowing boiling-oil attack Tuesday morning between two San Francisco roommates living in the Tenderloin. "The victim told police he was in the kitchen reading when the suspect came in and started heating the cooking oil in a pan to make some food," reports CBS 5. "The roommate then left the kitchen and turned off the light, but the victim turned it back on, apparently angering the roommate, who allegedly grabbed the pan and flung the boiling oil at the victim, scalding his face and his arms." (Something to about that the next time you fail to pay your fair share of the utilities.)

Soon after the attack, the poor guy left his apartment and headed to the nearest police station. Officers were "flagged down in front of the Tenderloin Police Station around 2:40 a.m." by a 47-year-old injured, oily roommate. SFPD were led to the apartment on the 300 block of Jones Street and arrested the roommate cum suspect, 48-year-old Felipe Manrique.

The victim was treated at a local hospital and released.

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