NIMBYs inch closer toward literalism after Rocklin resident James Baker asked the City Council to ban outdoor smoking altogether, even for residents who wish to puff relaxing, cancer-causing cigarettes on their own property. How did Baker get such a carcinogenic bee in his bonnet? Baker told The Placer Herald that his neighbor smokes about 30 feet from his patio door. The secondhand smoke, he claims, is making his asthmatic sons, ages 11 and 16, sick.

"We're just saying, 'please don't poison us,' " Baker said. "Can you smoke inside your home? The reason they don't want to do that is because they don’t want their family breathing it in. But it's okay for your neighbor?" Baker's wife, Kelly, claimed that she can smell the trespassing fumes inside their home, adding, "I'll stand by my pantry and smell smoke ... Even during the winter with every window shut and every door shut (the smoke) comes in. It comes in through the vents, I think.”

Although the Baker family attempted a peaceful resolution by asking smokers to stop, neighbors said they would cut down, while others just blew him off altogether. And with that, Baker asked Rocklin City Council to put into effect a non-smoking ordinance that would comprehensively ban smoking outdoors.

While the City Council reviews his suggestion, which will most likely get snuffed out, people have taken to the interwebs to decry California's alleged nanny state. For example, as NY Daily News pointed out, Tara Dadrill, a political and environmental writer for Yahoo, slammed the proposal as an "infringement on liberty." She went on to rant, "Perhaps a nonsmoking neighborhood should be established in California, right next to the no pets and no scent-inducing foliage regions of the town."