The Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force made three arrests in a child pornography raid through Marin County yesterday. The Task Force's raid team, which started arresting the reprehensible kiddie porn suspects yesterday morning, was a big one involving 75 agents and officers from 20 different city, state and federal agencies and, according to KCBSTwo and a Half Men star and anti-sex trafficking crusader Ashton Kutcher.

Celebrity cameos aside, the materials that authorities found during the raid sound utterly nauseating: "Imagine the worst of the worst. This is even worse than that," Margo Rohrbacher of the San Rafael Police Department told KTVU, "Infants up to pre-pubescent children, so it's just horrible." KCBS explains that computers and other evidence the task forced seized "show the men circulated videos of prepubescent children having sex with adults." Although warrants were served at seven homes in Novato, San Rafael and elsewhere in the county, the three male suspects arrested yesterday were a Novato teenager, 22-year-old Daniel Dinneen of Fairfax, and 31-year-old Carlos Martinez of San Rafael. There are still outstanding warrants for others suspected of sharing the files anonymously.

Kutcher's role in the sweep was simply that of an observer, KCBS explains. He was allowed to ride along with federal agents during the raid because his non-profit the Demi and Ashton Foundation, which works to end the disgusting practice of sex trafficking, supports the efforts of the San Jose-based multi-agency task force. Kutcher wasn't kicking in any doors or handcuffing perps, however, according to law enforcement policies and all sorts of legal issues, he was not allowed to participate in the raids in any way other than tagging along.