When the city celebrated the Bay Bridge opening back in 1936, it was a four-day long affair filled with parties, parades, floats, dames, sailors, penny candy, and gams that went all the way up to here. When the (stunning) new eastern span opens on Labor Day 2013, we can only hope the official program is as gorgeous as this one. Look how chic and dapper (and white!) everyone was. Especially the Auntie Mame looking lady in the hat and fur collar. Real class.

Today In Montclair, who brought this official program to our attention, points out, "The cover, which [Montclair reader Julian] Lozos discovered and bought on eBay, is a thing of 1936 deco-beauty." Indeed. Also, noteworthy? The prominent use of a rainbow over the bridge. This wouldn't be the last time San Francisco used the optical and meteorological phenomenon as the leading symbol of Gay Pride in the city and beyond.

[via Curbed]