The Page has been a neighborhood staple at the crux of Divisadero and the Lower Haight since around the same time both neighborhoods started their well-publicized turnarounds. While the lovely neon sign out front proclaims that they'll proudly serve you a cocktail, the bar's clientele tends to be more of the beer and whiskey variety — and it's obvious the management knows this, judging by their well-curated list of each. For Beer Week the bar recently tapped a keg of hard-to-find Pliny the Younger, but our go-to order is a sample of whatever's pouring for the rotating Whiskey of the Month. For February, it has been a nice oaky bourbon, but it may be a smokey Scotch or a straight rye — anything in the whiskey family is fair game here, but it's always priced to move at $5.

The Whiskey of the Month

2 oz whiskey
Rocks glass

Kindly get the bartender's attention in a polite way. (The bar is cash only, but don't wave your ATM-fresh twenties in the air. How gauche.) Ask for the whiskey of the month. Refrain from asking too many questions about the whiskey's flavor profile because, hey, it's only five bucks and you're going to drink at least three anyway. We prefer to take our whiskey on the rocks, but that's purely personal preference — the bartenders are happy to pour your $5 glass of comfort any way you like it.