Do you understand how much 26 pounds of cocaine is? It's a lot. Like, enough to make the entire city of San Francisco pretty high for at least an evening. Not that we'd ever participate, but you know. So we've heard. And that's how much was found in two cabins of a cruise ship docked at Pier 35 by officers of Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and the Coast Guard during a routine inspection in recent weeks.

On January 25, officers found fifteen pounds of blow in the cabin of Ahmed Rachid, who hails from Australia. He and the boat had just come from Curacao. Curiously, some New Zealanders in a different cabin had another eleven pounds, though it's unclear whether all three drug mules were connected. Rachid, as well as the New Zealanders Tony Wilkinson and Kirstie Harris, were all arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

We're sure the drug cache was immediately and thoroughly "destroyed." But where's old Debbie Madden when you need her, right?