When Ross Mirkarimi commented that his domestic abuse case was just "a private matter, a family matter", the sheriff set off enough debate to insure that it would pretty much never be a private matter. Once you're popping up in the country's paper of record, most of your expectations of privacy go out the window, basically. And speaking of going out the window, one local anti-domestic violence activist group wants to take Mirkarimi's poor choice of words out of the newspaper headlines and plaster them on a billboard above San Francisco.

La Casa De Las Madres, whose PSA's you might remember seeing on public transit a few years back, is leading the campaign. According to the project's fundraising page on Loudsauce.com, the billboard is "intended to shine a light on what anti-domestic violence advocates consider to be Sheriff Mirkarimi’s inappropriate and disturbingly cavalier response to the charges of domestic battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness against him." As Kathy Black, the executive director of La Case explained, the billboard is “an attempt to remind Mr. Mirkarimi and every City official that when it comes to domestic violence there is no such thing as a ‘private matter, a family matter'."

Readers might also remember LoudSauce.com as the same folks who helped occupy a full page ad in the Chronicle and erect that "Thanks For Paying Taxes" billboard along Interstate 80.

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