In response to what they view as an unnecessarily violent response by the City of Oakland to Occupy protesters, the internet collective known as Anonymous struck out against Oakland officials today by posting their home phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information.

The statement, at the top of the post with the data on Mayor Jean Quan, city administrator Deanna Santana, and all city council members except Rebecca Kaplan (whom they spare because of her support for Occupy), reads as follows:

Anonymous has been watching. Since the inception of Occupy Oakland, We have been actively monitoring your behavior, and exposing the identities and sensitive information of Officers of the Oakland Police Department; as they have continued to act in an unprofessional and violent manner. You tear gassed Us. You shot Us with your weapons. You arrested Us. You beat Us. You also did this to Our Friends, and to Our Families. We watched as you cut budgets, cut Our jobs, closed Our schools, Our parks, and Our libraries, while leaving your own salaries alone. We laughed in disgust as Deanna Santana said she would need to speak to her attorney before discussing her pay cut. The people on this list are supposed to represent the best of what the City of Oakland has to offer. If they are the best, why is there so much trouble within the Police Department, and in the City of Oakland? We are shocked and disgusted by your behavior. Before you commit atrocities against innocent people again, think twice. You should have expected Us.

If only they'd posted a photo of Jean Quan taking her top off at a party in the 70s, that would have been funnier.

Below, ABC 7's coverage of the story.

[ABC 7]

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