What does the Chronicle's middle-aged sit-lie advocate listen to while riding his bike to work? Jimmy Buffet's finest album of country music collaborations from 2004, of course. As Nevius himself tweeted from his morning commute earlier: "Another sunny day in San Francisco. Riding to work listening to Jimmy Buffett's 'License to Chill.'"

Before we mock the man's questionable taste in tropical folk music: We like to imagine Nevius, exhausted from his job of standing around waiting for the news to happen, spent the rest of his Friday dreaming of an escape from the poo-flecked urban life, longingly looking out his office window at 5th and Mission, aching for a solid sit-lie hammock session in Key West. The man can dream, can't he?

Below, Jimmy Buffett himself in Irvine, CA asking, "You got a license for this thing to operate?" Which is not a sentence that makes any sense, but you really can't ask too much of a guy who based his career on drinking out of pineapples:

In other news, KTVU's Sal Castaneda is totally picking up on Nevius' good vibes: