So, Jack in the Box created a Bacon Milkshake. Why? Because you secretly want one, that's why. Shame on you. The noted fast food chain, it seems, wanted to create bacon-tinged buzz. This will probably do the trick. It's all part of a new ad campaign that asks: If you like bacon so much, why don't you marry it? SFist called our local Jack to ask more about the porky dessert. When we asked if it had real bacon in it, the store manager explained, "Real bacon? Ugh no. It's just a flavored shake, flavored with syrup, I think."

We haven't been this intrigued since the advent of the Jumbaco.

This isn't the first time a bacon-flavored shake clogged arteries across America. As Eater points out, "Denny's produced a Maple Bacon Sundae for their Baconalia promotion, so it's not unheard of for a chain to add bacon to dessert, although word on the street is the Jack in the Box shake uses bacon-flavored syrup and not actual porky goodness."

Yes, we get that bacon is officially over. However, it's still oh so damn tasty. Alas. Please brace yourselves for a full review of the new Jack in the Box Bacon Shake later today.

Update: As promised, here's our review of the Bacon Shake.