Artist Nate Padavick drew this precious map showcasing 12 of the Castro's most popular bars. And he drew it on a cartoon man's abdominal six-pack. It was unleashed last year around Gay Pride season, but, in classic San Francisco fashion, we just discovered it now. Anyway, it's fun. Even if it is a bit dated, information-wise. (Daddy's is called 440 and The Bar has been Q Bar for four years.)

Speaking of these 12 bars in the Castro, we'd like to point out that Last Call is the best watering hole in San Francisco's gayville. In fact, it's one of our favorite bars in the city. Really. It's small—pretty much just one long bar with minimal walking room. Also, they've got an excellent jukebox selection, fresh sprays of flowers on the bar, a cabin-like ceiling, and tiny private bathrooms with sliding doors. The perfect place. But, for God's sake, don't tell your friends about it. We don't want it getting too crowded.

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