21-year-old Geneva Dixon, who was originally charged with murder for the November 22 stabbing of her 28-year-old boyfriend Norris Lewis, may have the case against her dismissed pending a ruling from an Alameda County judge. Prosecutors now say they have evidence to corroborate Dixon's claim that she acted in self-defense when she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Lewis once in the chest, dealing a fatal wound.

Investigators say they believe Lewis arrived at Dixon's home after she tried to break up with him over domestic violence issues. Lewis then, apparently, tried to strangle Dixon before she broke free and grabbed the knife. She threatened him with it, told him to leave, and when he came at her again she stabbed him.

As the Chron reports, "Senior Deputy District Attorney Kim Hunter moved Monday to dismiss the case. Superior Court Judge Carrie Panetta said she would issue a ruling later." Meanwhile, Dixon is being held at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.