Ignoring for a moment the fact that a place called The American Eatery shouldn't be serving up one of Canada's national treasures, the Stonebreaker Burger at the new Prather Ranch food counter in the Ferry Building sounds like something we need to eat immediately. What's so special about the Stonebreaker? Well, it's got poutine on it, for starters.

For the uninitiated, poutine is a mess of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Drunk people eat it in Québec and you never hear about Québecois with heart disease, so there must be something magical to it. SFoodie's Ben Narasin describes the burger-topping version in all it's dripping, greasy glory:

The Eatery even has its own take on poutine, Canada's contribution to exceptional fast food, with a burger slathered with fries and cheese and soaking through its own carton with sauce. It's a big, hot, delicious mess.

We do love a hot mess. And speaking of those fries, SFoodie says we won't be able to "find this richness and intensity of fat flavor in many fries" outside of the duck fat numbers from the French Laundry. So: added bonus!

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