We came to write a piece on the Oakland Raiders possibly moving back to Los Angeles. We stayed to gaze in shock and awe at Mark Davis' hair. Because that there is a... very special hairdo, Mark. Who did that to you? Why did they do that to you? Horrifying. And, are you a redhead? We sure hope not. Your fellow gingers do not need that kind of representation polluting the AP Photo stream. Still, your hair color is quite lovely and you have piles of money in the bank. One quick call to Elevations, Grasshopper Hair Salon, or—shudder—even Fantastic Sam's should prettify your mutant mane in no time. You're welcome.


Oakland could turn into a football-free zone if the Raiders move back to Los Angeles. And that could very well happen. After Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis died last year, his son, the aforementioned hairdo-challenged Mark, now plans on making some changes. Big changes. When asked at a recent press conference if a move to SoCal loomed on the horizon, Mark said, "Yeah, Los Angeles is a possibility ... Wherever's a possibility. We need a stadium."

Do fans want to see the Raiders leave the Bay Area? Probably not. Even folks in LA feel mixed about getting back their old team. In a recent LA Times poll, readers were split when asked if they cared or not.

This football exodus from the Bay Area comes on the heels of the 49ers plan to skedaddle from San Francisco to Santa Clara.