Do you remember this footage of an OPD officer covering his name tag with black tape (which is a no-no) during the Occupy Oakland general strike? Viemo user BLK PXLS (AKA Terrence Jerod Williams) captured officer John Hargraves masking his name, a common occurrence at occupy rallies around the US so that officers cannot be named or referenced if they participate in police misconduct. Well, both the officer in question and Lt. Clifford Wong, who was in charge of Hargraves' squad that day, are in a mess of trouble for their actions.

Hargraves ended up receiving a 30-day suspension, and Wong was demoted to sergeant for failure to report said incident. Whoops. The Chronicle has more:

After an internal investigation, Hargraves was suspended for 30 days, and Wong was demoted to sergeant for failing to report the incident to internal affairs, sources said.

In court papers, Hargraves wrote that he had covered his name moments before the video operator came up to him. Hargraves said a watch commander had reported a day or two earlier that the name, home address and identities of family members of an officer from another agency had been posted on the Internet after Occupy protesters videotaped the officer.

Watch the incident below:

We ask a OPD officer why he had his name badge covered.... from BLK PXLS on Vimeo.